Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Delicate Task

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A Little Take Away

I strongly believe through physical activity, fitness is improved. Better fitness brings increased muscles tone for those prone to being less mobile; muscle tone brings better posture, more control of manipulative, and thus, increased independence.

For a child, movement is almost everything. Keturah Whitehurst (1971), a physical educator, express this view as follows: “Movement means to young children, life self discovery, environment discovery, freedom, safety, communication, enjoyment and sensuous pleasure”.

What is He Doing?

Some of my Thoughts About Education

Equal opportunity means a situation in which people have the same opportunities in life as other people, without being treated in an unfair or discriminatory way because of their race, sex, religion, or age. (Macmillian English Dictionary, 2002, p. 464)

The term - equal opportunity, in relation to pre-compulsory school age, is the promotion of high self-esteem and positive self image.

It is important for every child to have equal opportunities; this is to help the child grow well and healthy by way of a supportive and loving environment.

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Ping Pong Balls

Full concentration shown in this little girl.


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills - threading.

Shake On It

Learning manners of greeting one another i.e. shaking hands


Buckle Up

She is only 2 years old and she can Buckle Up, fine motor skills that we like our children to practice.

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Walk the Line

Walking on the line with a book on the head. This is to allow our children a chance to practise their balancing skills, and also to have some fun.

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Bukit Jalil Exercise

We will have outdoor physical trips to Bukit jalil every alternate week for our children to refine their gross motor skills starting on year 2008.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School Trip Putrajaya

Friday, August 24, 2007

Domino's Pizza

On the 30th of August (thursday) we have an outing trip to Domino's Pizza restaurant in the Mid Valley Shopping Mall 9:30am. To know more please contact me.

Taman Botanic

On the 5th September 2007 we are having trip to Taman Botanika in Putrajaya by bus from 8:30 to 3pm. To know more please contact me.

Fire Safety and Prevention

This coming 8th september our group is having a fire safety & prevention talk in serdang branch at 1pm. refreshment is provided. All parent & friends are invited.


I am currently undergoing education in an International Diploma in Montessori pedagogy (IMD) and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education at Dika Kolej in Bandar Sunway to be better equipped to improve teaching methods in our schools.